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It’s time to ROCK – its Playoffs weekend

EIHL Playoffs 2018

It’s playoffs finals weekend. The anticipation is palpable as a nation of hockey fanatics prepare to descend on Nottingham for the annual carnival of hockey that is the playoff finals weekend.

With a league season dominated by the Cardiff Devils, who won both the Erhardt Conference and the league at a canter, losing 6 times fewer than any of the other “big 3” from the same conference, it’s going to be difficult to look past them this weekend. Of course, the Challenge Cup Final, in Cardiff, demonstrated that knockout hockey is not the same as league hockey with Belfast claiming that pot on away ice. The consistency which has served Cardiff so well this term is irrelevant, it’s all about the performance on the day.

At 1pm, Cardiff face off against Gardiner Conference Champions, Fife Flyers, who came through in dramatic fashion with a spectacular comeback against Manchester Storm. A tricky test for the league winners, but one they would expect to come through.

When 5pm arrives, The Motorpoint Arena is likely to be at capacity and bouncing for the headline semi-final encounter between the Panthers and Steelers on Saturday as one of European Ice Hockey’s great rivalries takes centre stage at the showpiece event. It’s going to be lively; don’t miss it.

As for Reverb, we will be loud and proud in Bunkers Hill across the weekend, so please come and join us for a beer, or 3. The tunes will be blaring and you can collect a Bunkers Hill exclusive discount card, for your first order with Reverb Hockey.

Here’s to a spectacular weekend and may the best team win.

Reverb Hockey Club

Reverb Hockey Club

Checks, Pucks & Rock n Roll

“Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold, but you will remember me, remember me for centuries”

What are you doing here? Isn’t there some Ice Hockey you could be watching whilst listening to an anthemic tune?!

What are we doing here?

We’re here to turn up the volume, crank up the feedback and one-timer in off the pipe to shut out mediocre unimaginative hockey fashion.

We’re the bitter edge of hockey stuff you can actually wear, to the game or to the gig.

We’re the anthems that soundtrack your life and the game that’s at it’s heartbeat.

We’re the checks, the slashes, the altercations, the enforcer, the short-handed goal, the last minute win and the best gig you’ve been to in your life.

We are AC/DC to Zeppelin, we are AHL to ZHL.

We’re here to make some noise and allow you to make your music and your sport, your thing.

We’ve got so much more to come over the next weeks and months and we’re so excited to show you. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all ReverbHockey. And you, the music loving hockey fans that you are, we want you to be part of this so send us your favourite hockey tunes and anything you want to say about hockey, to punknroll@reverbhockey.co.uk, you might get featured in one of our blogs. Also if you are artistic and think you could design for Reverb, contact us there and we will pay commission on any design that we feature on a garment for the life of that design. Your art could Reverb.

Enjoy looking round the shop. Contact us with any questions. Can’t find your perfect thing? Please tell us at pucknroll@reverbhockey.co.uk and we’ll see if we can create what you’re looking for.

Headline attire for the music loving hockey fan.

Welcome to Reverb.